What is Candle Magic

Candle magic is simply burning candles as part of a spell or ritual. All candles used in magic have their own special purpose and meaning. Spellcasting uses candles in its most simple form to cast powerful spells to bring about a desired result.

Before a candle is used, it must be prepared. There are many different ways to prepare it for ritual use:

  • Anointing candles with magic sprinkle powders
  • Carving candles with names, date of birth, or desires
  • Dressing candles (anointing your candles with different oil to attract different energies for your wants and desires)


Candle Colors and Their Meanings

Colors are important in almost every aspect of our lives. We wear certain clothes based on colors, we perform different creative works based on color, and we sometimes even eat foods based on color! So it should come as no surprise that color plays an important role in magic as well. Different colors evoke different responses when it comes to the human brain and it works the same way with candles and spells or rituals. Depending on the spell or ritual being performed, the candles used are specifically selected for the reason they are being used. Here are a few examples of candles colors and what their meaning is:

  • White – white candles are used for protection
  • Red – this is the color of love. It is also used to stop gossip.
  • Green – green is used for money spells or for better business.
  • Black – black candles control negative energy.
  • Brown – this color means to discard something.
  • Purple – purple is a color of power. It is used to bring about abundance of what is desired.
  • Pink – pink is the color of love or honor.
  • Orange – this color is used for spells of attraction.
  • Gray – gray candles are for negativity.
  • Light blue – the candle color of health.
  • Dark blue – this color helps with depression.
  • Yellow – yellow colored candles are used for wisdom.

Knowing the importance of colors in candles is required for spells to be performed correctly and effectively. Without this knowledge, a spell can backfire causing damage to the victim or the person casting the spell. It is highly recommended that spells using candle magic be done by professionals. For questions on candle colors, contact psychic Alana today!

If you are interested in candle magic and would like to learn more about how our spellcasters use them, please call us!